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Christmas Boughs, Trees of Cards and Tabletops of Spirit-part 2

I hate to burst your relaxation bubble, but it’s time to decorate. Here are a few tips from Christmas past that can be tweaked, tossed or possibly used, to ad-lib your own version: You just might turn your ideas into the most awesome Christmas tradition EVER!

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Head Wreaths

Ardith Beveridge’s make your own head wreath recipe is perfect for brides, bridesmaids, flower girls and prom. Have a party and create your own version; they can also be adapted for chair back or table top decor.

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Spring Cleaning

Ardith used me, Cindi Sutter, as a test case for keeping vases, pitchers, coffee mugs, pots of all shapes and sizes organized and on hand for last minute “extra flowers”.

Mother’s day is on the horizon, so surprise Mom by using one of her favorite wine tumbler, bowl (float the flowers) or anything you like, that will hold some flowers.

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Jelly Bean Kid's Party Tips

Ardith Beveridge shares her tips and mechanics for a kid's party themed around everybody's favorite, JELLY BEANS! This tabletop and flower design adapts to any theme you prefer, with a quick switch of the props.

Have fun and YES, you can spill the beans anywhere you like.  

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Special Love for Spring Bulb Flowers

Ardith Beveridge reminds us that bulbs are indeed a beautiful way to enjoy the fragrances of spring! It’s important to keep in mind taking caring of cut bulb flowers is a bit different from roses, lilies and tropical varieties. Stay tuned for next week's tips on... What are your favorite spring flowers?

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