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Jelly Bean Kid's Party Tips

Ardith Beveridge shares her tips and mechanics for a kid's party themed around everybody's favorite, JELLY BEANS! This tabletop and flower design adapts to any theme you prefer, with a quick switch of the props.

Have fun and YES, you can spill the beans anywhere you like.  

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Pop-up a White Christmas Party

If you're in a warm climate, you’re probably asking me, really, the only thing white about today is the Clorox I just used or the egg I just cooked. 

I’ve experienced two all white parties in my life, so with that in mind, here’s your template for Popping up a White Christmas Party! 

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Celebrate Mom with a Beach Party Table

Give Mom a day at the beach that comes from your heart and send us your photos at #STmomatbeach to win our Beach Cocktails book. Find your unique beach party and table inspiration, whether it's sitting on a towel in the yard, taking your favorite beach chair to the park or maybe you're fortunate enough to live close to the beach. Happy Mother's Day!

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