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Your Garden's Bouquets

Reba Berge answers the question…Are you wondering what to harvest from your garden for you next bouquet? Read more from Reba’s article in the Star tribune on how to grow your own bouquets using Minnesota garden flowers!

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Floral Tip-Calla Lilies

I have arranged flowers for a long time, yet until Reba Berge provided this simple way to encourage the Lilies of the field to cooperate, I had no idea how easy it is to convince a Lily to stand up straight and stay gorgeous.

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It Was Always You Bouquet

Your Valentine is special, so you may want to mix it up a bit with these pastel pink roses and purple Dendrobium orchids: plus you can do it yourself. Reba Berge provides a step by step guide that includes the flowers and extras to buy and how to place them in your vase! You got this!

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