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Kimberley Queen Fern

Love your three season porch, but want to try something different in your pots this year? The Kimberly Queen Fern is not quite as fussy as the delicate Maidenhair Fern. There are no flowers, which means no fragrance. This can be important when entertaining guests who may have sensitivities to strong scents.

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Your Garden's Bouquets

Reba Berge answers the question…Are you wondering what to harvest from your garden for you next bouquet? Read more from Reba’s article in the Star tribune on how to grow your own bouquets using Minnesota garden flowers!

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How to Create A Fragrant Indoor Spring Planter

Please use National House Plant Appreciation Day as an excuse to Create A Fragrant Indoor Spring Planter. I know Spring seems like a distant hope for some of us, but this will help kick off your Spring countdown.

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