Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.
— Martin Luther King

Let's Get This Out On The Table While It's Hot.

About Cindi....

Hi, I live from a true south/north perspective and my personal style is classic meets funky, with a dash of Southern. My name is Cindi. Officially named Cynthia Kay, regularly referred to as Cindita, Cinderella, Kenne and Lucinda. 

I love amazing views. I love to devour a city on every visit, especially museums, golf courses, architecture and of course the occasional retail indulgences. I believe magic is found flying down a mountain on skis, toasting a friend’s success and listening for God to speak. I believe in the power of a meal shared with family and friends to heal hearts, fill stomachs, and ignite happiness.

My Spirited Table® creative muse is absorbing every piece of the world around me; travel, home, landscapes, art, sports, media and books while sifting it with a turn of my personal kaleidoscope, full of cultures and traditions. 

I want to live in a world where I don’t over think everything and a personal genie organizes my photos. I want to share a table with those who are spiritually and intellectually alive and where the best parties include lots of laughing with those you love. 

I have produced events, video and TV for ad agencies, Special Olympians, celebrities, Superbowl kick-offs, museums, and volunteered with amazingly talented people. I am a degreed accountant, but that paper and all those numbers and yes, I must say it, my lack of focus got in the way of what has always been swimming around in my head. Endless ideas that only happen when a dream marries persistence and hard work. 

Through our recipes, stories and inspiring table top ideas, we hope to reveal a portrait of America's favorite traditions and experiences by providing fresh perspectives, and voices that invite you to look at the world… a little bit differently. 

With great love,

Cindi & our Spirited Table® family

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