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Teriyaki Chicken=Karaoke BBQ

Chef Katie Chin presents an easy way to create a teriyaki favorite. Did you know that in Japanese “Teri” means luster and “Yaki” means grilled?  I love this recipe for Teriyaki Chicken because it’s so darn easy you can spend more time with your guests and less time prepping in the kitchen.

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Cabbage and Fennel Slaw

Loon Organic owner and farmer, Laura Frerichs shares her tips for this uniquely yummy slaw. We tried this recipe at the Mill City Farmers Market a few years ago. Since we don’t have fresh sweet corn yet, you could use a cup of frozen corn. Cooking the fennel does mellow its flavor.

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Berries that are blue

Blueberries are not only the perfect summertime additions to desserts, breakfast and as Sue Zelickson reminds us, so much more; but they provide 24% of our daily recommended allowance of Vitamin C. All packaged in a round bit of wonder that you can pop into your mouth, all day long.

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