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Berries that are blue

Blueberries are not only the perfect summertime additions to desserts, breakfast and as Sue Zelickson reminds us, so much more; but they provide 24% of our daily recommended allowance of Vitamin C. All packaged in a round bit of wonder that you can pop into your mouth, all day long.

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Passion for Kids .........................

Sue Zelickson’s impact in the world of food cannot be overstated. Her passion for creating a healthy environment for all to learn and thrive, has taken her from an elementary school teacher with a passion for kids to a champion supporter of their long-term health, lifestyle and possible vocations. Her impact has reached across 6 generations. Cheers!

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Berniece "Toots" Zipperman's Green Goddess Salad Dressing

Sue Zelickson has Green Goddess Salad Dressing in her blood. Here she shares her Moms’, Berniece "Toots" Zipperman, recipe for this flowing greenish nectar from the past. (Sue says the intensity of green depends on how much parsley you use).

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