Floral Design Recipe

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

1 container
3 glue dashes
2/3 block sculptured foam
Fresh water with flower food
1 apple (fresh or permanent botanical)
1 wood pick
Hot pan melt glue
10” orange wool ribbon
12” yellow wool rolled wool ribbon
3 stems Salal
5 orange Roses
4 stems yellow Spray Chrysanthemums
4 stems yellow Solidago
4 pieces Mitsumata cut in half

  1. Cut wide wool ribbon to fit around top of container. Place a glue dash on two opposite sides of container. Secure wide wool ribbon with dashes. Add wool rolled ribbon around, secure with glue dash.
  2. Cut, score, floral foam, soak in water with flower food, insert in container with foam 2” above lip of container. Add fresh water with flower food to container
  3. Insert salal around the base for a collar.
  4. Insert wood pick in hot glue, then into the apple. The opposite end is inserted into the foam.
  5. Introduce the roses one on each side and two on the top alternating the placements.
  6. Add solidago and daisy spray chrysanthemums into open spaces.
  7. Interweave foliage to conceal foam.
  8. Incorporate the half pieces of Mitsumata, placing both ends into the foam in a scalloping technique.