The Clock Changed - One more thing to's not too late

by Neal Kielar, Tastemaker in Residence

One MORE things to do when you change the clocks (it's not too late)

Daylight Savings Time day has come and past. You probably changed all your clocks (what about the one in the car?). And if you were really dutiful, you swapped the batteries in all your smoke detectors. It all might seem like drudgery, but it's only two times out of 365 days. Which is why I'm suggesting one more task to add that day: oil your furniture.

If you have good wood furniture with an oiled finish, spring and fall are excellent times to revitalize it. High quality furniture oils (not the spray and swipe stuff that coats your furniture in a cloudy mess) rejuvenate wood, making it look better but also protecting it for the next generation. Oiling in spring makes sense because winter in northern climates is typically dry. The oil is like a life-saving drink after months in the desert. Oiling in fall helps get your furniture ready for a long dry spell throughout winter.

Go to your local hardware store for advice on the best products to use. They're also available in all the big box home improvement stores. Pick an oil specific for your wood, from teak or walnut to natural or mahogany. Use clean cotton cloths to apply and wipe away any excess. One application is great but two might be better. For especially dry wood, you might want to use ultra-fine steel wool to apply it. The steel wool gets to oil into the wood grain for extra protection. But first, make sure your furniture is an oiled finish. Applying oil to sealed wood will just get messy and add no value.