Today we welcome Irina Vishnevskaya, our newest Tastemaker in Residence. A Q & A with Irina revealed a Russian toast definitely worth repeating. Irina is our resident beer expert and her first post is a recipe for Mulled Beer that warms up the winter! 

Featuring recipes for your holiday festivities is one of my favorites. Today we sprinkle Snap Jack Popcorn (with coffee), Minty Icicles and Chocolate Fruit Balls; from

Retro holiday gift ideas and decor shout vintage barware! Neal Kielar supplies the source and ideas at MidModMen

Katie Chin, Tastemaker and Culinary Ambassador to the City of Hope, provides enchanting holiday tips for her favorite ways to find the heart of the season in Los Angeles. Let's Celebrate!

Eleni's in NYC has so many cookies for December we will highlight a new one each day. 

The Beestill Calendars of 2014 provide beautiful images, a divinely inspired thought for each month and  the practical in everyday life while embracing the beauty of each season. Just nosh away....

Christmas trees, boughs, and decorative ideas can include Christmas card trees, Santa Bears on steps, fire pots, and candy pots hanging from the boughs and bows. 

Debra Sabrusula, Tastemaker in Residence is co-owner of the Red Potato Market in Simonton, Texas. Gift ideas galore and southern hospitality are always available. 

Trader Joe's inspired the whimsical use of cinnamon brooms. I made 4 artificial arrangements that require no water, no fuss and last for a super long time. Have a Thanksgiving cinnamon broom party!

Till our next hullabaloo,

Happy Tables to You!

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