Christmas trees, boughs, and decorative ideas can include Santa Bears on steps, fire pots, and candy pots hanging from the boughs and bows. 

This first day of Advent takes me back to the prayers my Father always said around our family table. This inspirational prayer cube provides an easy way to enable children and adults to unite by saying grace together. 

Shopping? Cleaning up Thanksgiving? or Relaxing? Take some time to rest before you charge into the next rounds of holiday parties and merriment. 

Debra Sabrusula, Tastemaker in Residence is co-owner of the Red Potato Market in Simonton, Texas. Gift ideas galore and southern hospitality are always available. 

Featured Recipes - Pumpkin Pie Latte - Cran-Raspberry Chutney on Brie - Mar-a-Lago Turkey Burgers

The Simple Life with Tsh is one of my favorite websites. So today she's our advent inspiration.

Zehorit Heilicher's passion for sharing recipes and food has manifest itself in her new business adventures; Mideast to MidwestThankfulness comes in the form of special gifts and angels in disguise. 

Trader Joe's inspired the whimsical use of cinnamon brooms. I made 4 artificial arrangements that require no water, no fuss and last for a super long time. Have a Thanksgiving cinnamon broom party!

Radio Interviews allow you to be heard and not seen. Spirited allows begs the question, what are your Spirited about? I went to Stillwater, MN for a dash of Suzanne & Jean from 

In his own words, Derek Holser provides the template for "the mother lode of Americana" - Thanksgiving with the back story. His taste for Pig Pickin' fun is not to be missed. 

Till our next hullabaloo,

Happy Tables to You!

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