How to Create A Fragrant Indoor Spring Planter

by Reba Berge, Tastemaker in Residence

There really is such a thing as National House Plant Appreciation Day…who knew?!? Use it as an excuse to create a very fragrant indoor spring planter.



watertight tinware planter

clay granules



Plants- (6-8) 4” lily-of-the-valley plants


  1. Fill the bottom 2” of the planter with clay granules or small pebbles. This will improve drainage.

  2. Cover the granules with a layer of compost/soil.

  3. Arrange the lily-of-the valley plants evenly on the compost/soil.

  4. Fill in and around the plants with more soil. Cover the soil with moss, fitting it snugly around the stems.

Floral Tip

Once the plants have finished flowering move the container to the garden after danger of frost is past and enjoy the lush greenery all summer long. They are woodland plants and will be quite happy under trees.