Winterskol in Aspen/Skiing in Snowmass

by Cindi SutterChief Communicator & Editor of Spirited Table®

Welcome to the weekend before my birthday…

If I could live a fantasy life, it would be on a mountain full of snow and lots of trees. I know what you’re thinking, I live in Minnesota so why in the world would I want more snow in my life: The answer is Minnesota is not the greatest place to downhill ski. It’s an outstanding place for cross country skiing and we certainly have a great legacy of sending ski racers, like Lindsey Vonn, out into the world: but I prefer long, steep runs full of powder, tailor made for downhill skiing.

If you’re a skier and a woman and think for a nano second you can’t run away to the mountains for a few days because no one around you will go skiing with you, think again. Ask around, and you just might be surprised. Our merry little band began in 1994 and there were four of us, then there were six of us, then there were three of us and now there are five of us. So go for it! Start while your as young as possible, so you get those ski legs under you fine tuned and moving along, before you get to be our ages. Now, it’s a very vital part of our lives and we’re good enough to fly down the mountain at whatever pace suits us on that particular day!

So…I spent 4 days with a group of my skiing girlfriends in Snowmass soaring down the hill and loving every minute. Snowmass is very close to Aspen, so we took advantage of the Winterskol weekend festivities. Here are a few of our highlight reel moments. I highly recommend the Aspen/Snowmass area.