Cindi Sutter


If you rummage through my family photo albums, you’ll find a black and white photo of me, at age five. In my hands, I’m proudly holding a homemade banana cream pie that I made with my very Southern mom. It was my first culinary achievement — and the joy of cooking and creating playful and meaningful table experiences, has been with me ever since.

Many years and many desserts later, I created Spirited Table®: an online destination for people who love food — and the stories behind every plate. I believe that the greatest meals, the biggest moments and the best memories are made around your favorite tables. 

Maybe you’ve got fond memories of your mother’s legendary biscuits, the brisk smell of your father’s morning coffee, or that classic dish that grandma made for special occasions. Our traditions and recipes may be different, but there’s no doubt about it: food is the one thing we’ve all got in common. 

There’s a lot more that I could say about my life, my career and of course, what I love to eat — like the fact that I’ve baked countless desserts in my lifetime … or the fact that I work as an event producer, whipping up spectacular fundraisers, television and kick-off parties for organizations like The International Special Olympics and The Superbowl, The PGA of America and many Arts organizations. 

Invite me over for dinner, and I’ll happily tell you all of those stories, and if you're interested, how to spiritually inspire others without sounding like you're speaking a foreign language. But for today, allow me to simply say: Thank you for joining me here. It’s an honor to have a seat at your table.


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