A Growlers Gift for Dad

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of Spirited Table® 

If your Dad is scheduled to receive ties and mugs this month, take a look at this.  The uKeg, a pressurized growler from GrowlerWerks, keeps draft beer fresh and carbonated for two weeks or more. It's a Father's Day gift beer-loving dads will want.

GrowlerWerks even has a Beer Dad gift pack. For last-minute sons and daughters or spouses, printing a picture of the pack when ordering and giving it to dad over one of his favorite craft beers can still happen. (Visit our shop page at GrowlerWerks.com.)

GrowlerWerks benefitted from a homebrewing family. 

“I would say that my love of craft beer started by watching my father homebrew when I was a kid,” says Brian Sonnichsen of GrowlerWerks. “Eventually, he gave me his equipment and I started brewing myself. That passion grew into me being one of the founders of GrowlerWerks.”

The nation is brewing craft beer that's too good to pour down the drain and isn't always available in bottles. But drain-pour happens when beer goes flat in a glass growler. That can make dad sad.

To fix the problem, three craft beer-lovers with an engineering problem designed the uKeg, a pressurized growler that keeps favorite draft beer cold, fresh and carbonated for two weeks.

An easy-to-use regulator cap, equipped with a low-cost, food-grade CO2 cartridge, partners with a vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel vessel to make the uKeg's benefits possible. Its sturdy design allows the uKeg to go wherever you go and drink carbonated beverages at any location for every occasion. It also fits in the refrigerator and is attractive enough to be seated at the dining room table.

Let's elevate Father's Day barbecues, dinners, and camping trips, by making dads smile and giving them new memories. For more information, visit www.GrowlerWerks.com, @GrowlerWerks, Facebook.com/GrowlerWerks.