Unique Roses For Your Unique Valentine

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

Clean sharp knife or oriental sheer

Rectangle container with liner if needed
Floral foam to fit in the container one inch below the inside of the container
Flower Food
Bag of marbles,rocks diamond chips 
Small red heart  or diamond ring ( as shown)

Fresh product:
12 long stemmed roses
3 stems Xanadu foliage


  1. Cut and score foam to fit inside the container one inch below the lip of the container.
  2. Soak foam in fresh clean water with flower food, secure in container.
  3. Cut and place roses in parallel placements, throughout the design, front to back and side to side and all different lengths. 
  4. Insert Xanau in the sides to the bottom.
  5. Cover the foam with the diamond chips. 
  6. Place your heart at the base. 

Water daily with fresh clean water with flower food Enjoy