An Easter Parade of Table Settings

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®


Barb's tables always give a shout out to fun! Everyone left with a stuffed animal and an egg, but most importantly with a soul and tummy full of love. 


Kid proof Easter table settings are easier than you think. The glasses here are plastic, the cups and saucers are from a kid's tea service, the containers came from Target, the eggs are either paper, stone or plastic, the green and orange bunny candle holders are plastic and the flowers are fake. The only thing that breaks on this table are the two plates and the large bunny and egg cups, which are probably 20 years old; so they have had their share of kids, without a disaster.

Little secret, all this is on top of an outdoor plastic table. 

Fabric provided by Scherping-Westphal


Easter can be a simple flower arrangement surrounded by the people you love. This was my Easter table last year, with my dad and stepmom. 

Floral arrangements can be intimidating, but don't let them bug you. These flowers all came from a local grocer. My big tip of the day revolves around the scissors. In life and in flowers, sometimes we just need to cut, cut, cut. Don't be afraid to whack off quite a bit of the stem, make them all different heights. It's an easy thing to do even when you are in a hurry and besides it a good release for anxiety as well. 


NYC and food are obviously in sync. These bunny cookies can jump onto your Easter table if you order them soon at


How could anyone resist a table with a frog as your butler? We didn't resist waking up the sleeping bunny in the basket. 


An overhead shot of a table full of fun!