Not Just for Kids...

by Zehorit Heilicher, Tastemaker in Residence

Remember pajama parties? Footed PJs, hot cocoa? Secrets shared in the night, pranks committed, pictures taken? When is the last time you had that kind of fun, let loose like that? Well, who says kids get to have all the fun, or that adults can’t have sleepovers? Schedules are harder and harder to coordinate and finances are tighter, so getting away out of state or even out of the city can become challenging. The solution can be a local get away: my friends and I resurrected the sleepover concept and planned a Pajama party at one of our homes. 


Here are the 4Ds for a successful adult sleepover:

Decide on a location: Kimberly volunteered her home and set out to create a luxurious retreat complete with beautiful linens and even chocolates on our pillows. The extra touches made everyone feel welcomed and very much at home.

Decide on menu and delegate responsibilities: Take into consideration dietary restrictions (we had one gluten free friend), taste preferences and ease of preparation. The goal is to spend time relaxing together and sharing quality time, not working away in the kitchen (though I guess, personally, I would be fine with that too). For dinner, we opted for a variety of appetizers, instead of a sit down dinner; we felt it promoted casual relaxation and did not require a lot of labor (I have enclosed our menu below).

Decide on drinks: Alcohol or none? Make sure everyone is comfortable with the decision made, whatever it might be. Sheryl provided delicious cocktails and we also had some red and white wines. After a long week, a little alcohol serves as a relaxant and a conversation lubricant.


Decide to have fun and RELAX! That was not an issue for us - with a prankster like Kimberly, who placed ice packs in our beds (we are all somewhere along the menopausal journey), and who also stepped outside to peek in the windows and scare us witless…

Guy time, girl time – whatever it may be for you – take the time to reconnect and relax with good friends – the benefits are immeasurable! 

Our Menu:

Red wine 
White Wine 

Hummus and pita/gluten free crackers 
Ciabatta bread with pesto, caramelized onions and mozzarella 
Fresh veggies for dips 
Artichoke hot app with pita chips 
Roasted Dates & Labne’ 
Cheese - Antipasti platter 
Mac & Cheese 
Ahi tuna and avocado

Cookie Butter pudding – Individual servings
Chocolate candy 

Cinnamon rolls
Coffee & OJ