Tiny Tables - Great Friends and Family

by Tania Staps, Tastemaker in Residence

This past Valentine's Day I found myself once again single! Instead of feeling sad and lonely, as I have in the past; I called three of my lovely, single girl friends. We had such a nice evening! I live in 750 square feet so there is not an abundance of space. There is no place for a table, so I have had to be creative. I pulled my 2 couches together, put a board on 2 craft tables...and surprise! A tiny table for four! It was so nice.

We had a great meal, talked about our dreams, and yes...our prayers to one day be with "Mr. Right". Wherever he is! Ha! I love this quote I Found...."Someday my prince will come-He took a wrong turn, got lost, & is too stubborn to ask directions!"

We had a good laugh, ate a great  meal, drank some Bubbly and made a toast to our wonderful Present life! There is just nothing like Good girlfriends! Is there?? Here's to tiny Tables and great friends!


I have to say my FAVORITE table in the world is my mother's table! I love to go home and cook with her, and eat with my entire family. I think when a family eats together they stay together!

Life happens at the table, and I am so glad that was a priority at my house. This is something I think so many people miss out on, because of busy schedules. So I encourage you all to eat together as often as you can. If you do not have a family, grab some friends.

Cause you know, Friends are the Family we find along the way!