Bonding Around a Baker Table

by Penny Amrani, Tastemaker in Residence

I've sold amazing Baker tables for over 25 years. I can only imagine the wonderful food, interesting conversation and meaningful memories that have graced those tables.

In the Baker showroom we have used them for vendor presentations, weekly sales meetings, designer round tables, countless industry parties and even a holiday dinner or two. None of those events come close to comparing to what happened last week. Once again, business shared the table with life experiences, around a beautiful Baker table.

One of my long time loyal clients, surprisingly sat down and took time to reflect and share stories. This busy designer who is normally all about business, choosing styles, finishes and fabrics, felt compelled to sit and ask about my recent aching back. Then I was sharing my story of surviving stage 4 cancer 20 years ago and reflecting on how precious normal everyday life really is. She then shared how her son had also survived cancer in his 20's. The bond of joy we both felt at that moment, woman to woman, mother to mother, brought tears to our eyes. 

She mentioned numerous times how astounded she was to have taken the time to sit down and share. No recipes exchanged, nothing to taste except food for our souls.

She and I bonded last week seated at that beautiful Baker table. 

That table, my client and I will never be the same.