Coffee, Progressive Dinners, Hockey Ring - Date Nights

by Christina Meyer-JaxTastemaker in Residence

My husband and I juggle 2 careers with 2 kids that are highly involved in activities. So we have to be creative with our "date" opportunities.  It's like exercise, even a small amount can go a long way, so it's worth it to even carve out a bit of time together, even if it's brief!  

Here are some of our monthly favorites:

  1. Coffee Dates at Dunn Bros. Our favorite is located in a historic farm house which invites conversation with it's small quaint rooms.  The best time for us, is between the coffee and the lunch hour, we are both actually awake!
  2. Cooking together!  We have to eat and we need to connect.  To make it easy we've started using to order all the items (along with recipes) to be delivered to our house.  Add a bottle of wine to the menu and you have a high quality date night in!
  3. Walk or run the rink!  We are the parents of 2 hockey players, so we are constantly at ice rinks.  Instead of just sitting and watching the game; we will walk or run together and watch from above.  We connect, support or kids, and get exercise!  It's such a win all around!
  4. Progressive date night!  We each pick 2 places that we've been wanting to try and make a date night of traveling to each locale.  Depending on what we choose, the venues can be quite different and makes for an eclectic evening!
  5. "Date" doesn't also mean places.  The days get hectic, so we make it a point to send sweet, silly, or sexy text messages throughout the day.  It may not be an exciting adventure, but it keeps each other a top priority in the day.