Freshen Up Your "Old Spice"

by Mike Moore, Tastemaker in Residence


Now that the big "culinary holidays" have come to a close, it is time to dig into the those spice racks and make room for a spice refresh.  


This time of year is a great time to buy new spices for the coming year.  I have had good luck this year finding nice variety packs that give me just enough to get me started for the year.  

This year, I discovered Spicely Organics online. They have a really great selection for your 2014 spice/herb starters.  

I also take inventory on my specialty herb blends like "Bells Seasoning" a "family secret" for the best dressing.  Consider the “Bells Seasoning” tip as a late holiday gift.  


I’ve had good luck taking the "spice remnants" from the previous year and creating my own blends and rubs for BBQ, pasta and roasts.  

This is also the perfect time of year for packaging and using the herbs that have been drying over the winter.  

January may be for your New Year resolutions but February should be used for freshening up your "old spice."