by Cindi Sutter, Founder & Editor of The Spirited Table®

Happy Sunday! Festivals, farmer's markets, pumpkins galore are yours to explore. Sunday Supper delights found under Food & Drink and soups on under featured recipes. 

Follow Desi Creswell's template for no carving, pumpkin decorating success and your family not only rocks the table with pumpkin patch hits, but spirited stories are sure to happen. Share yours!

Glass containers are easy to use. Ardith Beveridge's Cornucopia of Sunflowers and Succulents serves up a plentiful bounty of ideas for your fall and holiday tables. More to come!

Inspiration for fall floral design ideas can be found at local greenhouses, markets like Trader Joes and your local florist. It doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Scarecrows make a great project for kids, pumpkins=easy, and if you pot the plants in small containers they can find a home indoors when the weather changes. Send us your handiwork, we'd love to see you it. 

Bridget Levin suggests a change of scenery; a weekend getaway to Montreal that's a short trip with a petit splash of French culture. 

Tailgating is an Americana fall tradition. By definition it means lots of food and fun but Christina Meyer-Jax reveals a deliciously tweaked versions of our favorites.

Weddings and photos from go hand in hand. Even from  2006.  First round just wasn't enough, so enjoy. 

Kimberley Thompson's French Onion, Stone Soup (you'll have to check out both versions), and the Croutons for topping have found a cozy spot under Featured Recipes. Be sure and check out the back story!

Tables and settings move up our hit parade list this time of year. Neal Kielar has a template for purchasing and setting the best table for your "gathering" needs. He highlights the practical with a splash of creativity. 

Till our next hullabaloo, happy tables to you!

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