Our deliciously stylish tastemaker begs the question, does finer fashion sense lead to better grades? This article is not just about shopping and grades; read it with a flair for fun and fashion.

Spend some time this week with family and friends building your family tree. It just might prove to be the bridge to an historical and cultural celebration table that strengthens the family fun quotient. 

We welcome a product favorite to our table, Superior Salt. It's not your grandmother's salt shaker! 

This week plan create your own version of Football florals. They really don't have to be a 3rd down drama. (If you don't know what that means, skip to the next post). Let a game table filled with food, some sunflowers, a bit of turf (grass) and a football, beckon your party guests to the table. Let these floral design instructions carry you through the season!

Today we begin to ask the question, what's the DNA of your favorite spirited table include? The hidden treasure of an answer might be discovered while seated at the best corner table in the world? Or. Is there a DNA (code) to how people dine? 

September's Beestill Calendar provides the extraordinary strength we hope we never need. 

W3 Book Clubs first literary entry, Barefoot on Crane Island, provides one more leap into the lake and summer, enjoy! "A great book for enjoying a beautiful evening on Lake Minnetonka imagining life on Crane Island. Our host served a turtle soup like the one caught and made into soup on Crane Island, dishes had on Crane Island, berries, which they picked, and fish tacos, because, in the book, they caught and served fish for dinner." - Laura Chin. 

For the W3 Book Club Back Story...here's our guest Tastemaker, Teri Popp.

If The Spirited Table® could visibly jump up and down for joy, it would be now!

Over the last few days we have added 3 amazing new Tastemakers in Residence to our table.  Each one brings a new twist to an old favorite. Laura Chin's back story access to the W3 Book Club, just might change the way the words in your next book club rendering pop off the page. Katie Chin's Thai cooking reminds us that there is more than one unique ingredient in a great experience around the table. And yes, Katie and Laura are sisters, how lucky are we! Derek Holser has a flair for words, family, fashion and oops, I am not going to give away all his secrets quite yet. This attorney, educator and author will provide a launch point for traditions that are built, not necessarily bought.

Each Tastemaker would love to hear from you, so give them an email blasting welcome. 

Set your fall table with the "kick" of taste that makes your guests wonder how you did it. Welcome Katie Chin as a new Tastemaker in Residence and try her fabulous Everyday Thai Cookbook. Featured Recipes this week include Thai Peanut NoodlesThai Chicken Lettuce Cups with Ginger Lime Dipping Sauce and Thai Steak Salad

Happy 8th Anniversary Andrea & Haynes...few words are necessary for the love in these photos.

Till our next hullabaloo, happy tables to you!

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