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Bob Sutter's Favored Finds for Fall

Written by Bob Sutter- posted with minor edits by yours truly, Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of Spirited Table®   

I do not like button down shirts.

I do not like button down shirts.

  1. Staple piece of clothing = sport micro-fiber golf shirts because there is no ironing required and no-wrinkles when you travel! Dress shirt tip

  2. Utensil and/or Flatware - basic corkscrew

  3. Random food - Trader Joe’s Olive Oil Potato Chips

  4. Cookbook - Never used a cookbook in my life (“and he’s a fabulous cook”)

  5. Travel item you can’t live without - current favorite book, stack of unread magazines for airplane travel-read and then discard or give to flight attendants. PS. Most flight attendants don’t usually like golf magazines, but they go crazy over People Magazine. 

  6. Travel destination - Longboat Key, FL

  7. Piece of furniture - Much to Cindi’s dismay, we bought a two-person sofa (with lots of extra space); each person has their own button to recline it. HEAVEN!

  8. Decor item - Toasty Blanket and the perfect pillow.