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Vicki Brunsvold's Favored Finds for Fall

by Vicki BrunsvoldTastemaker in Residence

Having just returned from a trip to Toronto, I have a few travel items I’ll mention:

Pashmina (or similar) shawl in black - or - a pattern that has colors that go with what you have packed. It serves as a nice wrap on your flight or is easy to wrap around one’s shoulders in a drafty restaurant or use for warmth as a scarf and head cover in a light rain.


Gloves.  I had a pair along for touring Toronto and was the envy of my group in the mid-50’s weather. 

My Orla Kiely backpack.  It has a timeless distinctive pattern on an oilcloth like surface - extremely durable, forgiving and stylish!

My iPad.  (And a charger)  I think it is self explanatory. 

Toronto is a beautiful city to visit located on Lake Ontario. The flight is less than 2 hours. It takes almost that long to drive to Niagra Falls - a must see on the Canadian side! And there is a huge wine country area on your way to the Falls. The city and surrounding area has a population of 6 million people. Of interest is the fact that half of the people in Toronto were NOT born in Canada so it is a very diverse city with restaurants to match. A definite Favored Find!

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