Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

by Cindi SutterChief Communicator & Editor of Spirited Table®

It’s the rare occasion that I want to be older than I already am; But the ability to celebrate the magic of one day in the world at the same time as leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., would be like shaking hands with peace and authenticity. I know, he wasn’t perfect, but neither are we. His message was clearly so powerful, it cost him his life. He seemed to possess an ancient inspiration and creed, that the pop-culture of today can’t really fathom. Even when I watch old tape of his speeches, he held his audience and made them feel like they were making a face to face connection with him, whether it was a crowd of 50 or 10,000. Now that’s a gift seldom repeated. So today, let’s not only remember him, let’s try to live out his themes of peace, love, joy but most importantly, freedom: to vote, to choose, to be equal and to do so with love, not hate.

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