The Goodness of Great Fridays

by Christina Meyer-Jax, Tastemaker in Residence

What’s your favorite day of the week?  According to a 2005 Gallup poll, 30% of Americans said Fridays were the day they most look forward to.  Looking into this, I figured it would be a close race with Saturday (which was second at 25%), but it got me thinking, “What makes Fridays so great?”

During this spring season, the Christian faith celebrates “Good Friday” as part of the Easter tradition.  Often a confusing title as this is the time where Jesus has died and before he has risen. So what’s so “good” about that?  Digging into linguistics on this one, most scholars agree that “good” was used to also mean “holy”.  

For many, Friday is a time to celebrate all that we have accomplished throughout the week.  For me, I like to do a little high five to myself on the basics:

  1. Deliverables at work done
  2. Laundry pile smaller
  3. Fed family somewhat healthy meals
  4. Exercised more than I thought I would
  5. Did not forget to pick a kid up from their activities

Fridays are also an opportunity to anticipate the fun of weekend potential ahead.  Sometimes the planning and dreaming can be as much fun as the actual doing.

Putting it all together for me, the “Goodness of Great Fridays” is in the anticipation and celebration of what is sacred (holy). I look forward to Fridays where I get to do the things I love, with the ones I love.  This upcoming Good Friday will be exactly that.  A run on the beach, a shared meal with my family, and anticipation of Easter Sunday ahead.

For the most part, many Fridays have that potential of greatness.  I think my next task is how to make “Mondays Magnificent”.  That might be a stretch goal for the rest of the year, but one worth working for!