Remembering the Past Tastemakers in our Lives

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of Spirited Table®   

I continue the celebration of our 5th Spirited Table® Anniversary! So today I’m really asking each of you to take just 5 minutes and relive the past Tastemakers in your lives. Your family, friends and colleagues who have inspired you to make up your own recipe, or pull out one of your Mom’s favorite recipes. How about the person who might have suggested you create a “uniquely yours” Thanksgiving table or make your own Christmas stocking. Text them, take a photo of your Halloween get-up and send it to them, or do something nice for the past Tastemakers in your lives.

Maybe today’s the first time you’ve graced our table, or maybe your one of our followers whose very well versed in the art of “being Spirited”. In our posts we spend a lot of time talking about, taking pictures of and sharing via social media, our favorite food and lifestyle celebrations. So today is a day for all of you to catch up: you know, re-live a few of our Anniversary highlight reels and hopefully pick up a few tips and tricks for making the kick-off to the holidays a little bit easier, more fun, less work and tastier! Not to mention have WAY more conversations at the table!

Happy One Year Anniversary to!! - Happy 2nd Anniversary to The Spirited Table® with Halloween Highlight Reel #1 - Spirited Table® will soon be 3 years old, so let the Celebrations begin - Happy 3rd birthday to Spirited Table®.

Ok that’s all the hoo-haw you need for now, but stay tuned for year 4 and 5 and all that is on our Spirited Table® horizon! If you found a favorite recipe or photo you want to share, I’d love to hear from you at Thanks!