Celebrate Life with Hospitality & Flowers!

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table®  & by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

Mid January just might be the perfect time to refresh your "hospitality" skills. 

Being hospitable is defined by Webster as being given to generous and cordial reception of guests - promising or suggesting a generous and cordial welcome - offering a pleasant or sustaining environment. 

So today I'm choosing to hone in on "being hospitable". Sometimes is just in the being present, other times it's offering whatever the person standing next to us needs at that very moment. 

And sometimes being hospitable could mean giving a vase of flowers to a friend. Today Ardith provides a floral recipe that works any time of year; just use your favorite Seasonal Flowers. (see below)

Wine bottle -full for a gift (be creative with your bottle choices)
Full or empty for table design
Mini Deco holder
Glittered Curly Ting Ting Onion grass sprays
White freesia or any small stemmed flowers


  1. Wet the mini Deco holder, do not submerge, and hold the foam in the water for 30 seconds 
  2. Remove the white paper from the Mini Deco holder; exposing the glue, or tie a ribbon on it with the side notches. 
  3. Place on bottle top 
  4. Cut Curly Ting Ting to a small angle, insert in the middle of the top close together to resemble a spray 
  5. Cut Onion Grass, insert
  6. Add thin stemmed greens and flowers 

Traditionally being generous and cordial was an assumed act; not so much anymore. So call a friend whose going through a bad time. Celebrate a friends accomplishments. Welcome someone into a group environment who appears to be uncomfortable. Being available is half the battle. 

Yes, it's really that easy.