Amber Waves of Grain

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

Avant-Garde Parallel Design

Variety of grains, grasses, of your choice
Pussy Willows
Alstroemeria Lillies
Cones Seasonal Leaves


  1. Low tray with a piece of wet floral foam cut in half lengthwise
  2. Insert different grains on each side in groups; like grain or mix with others, add pussy willows and grasses. Keep them vertical.
  3. Stems of Alstroemeria lilies show rich seasonal color in the center, also placed parallel
  4. Remove some or many petals of bloomed sunflowers. Insert two round toothpicks in the flower head, insert in foam with the stems going straight up. Sunflower petals are sprinkled on the moss covering the foam and on the table to compliment the season.
  5. The sunflowers may also be inserted in the foam blossoms up
  6. Create several trays for a buffet table; setting them either close together or with spaces between for candles, cones and seasonal leaves. Place the tray designs on leaves for display. Let your table and space dictate the appropriate layout.