Biggest Game Day = Beer/Wine Florals

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

Accumulate enough beer/wine bottles to decorate the center/side of your table. Empty & clean beer bottles/cans. Empty & clean wine bottles.

Pseudo sod/green indoor/outdoor carpet
Full/empty beer bottles/cans - Full/empty wine bottles
Bottle caps
Fresh flowers
Fresh foliages
Novelties such as footballs, helmets, trophies
Photos of favorite players


  1. Lay down the pseudo sod or green indoor/outdoor carpeting on the table top and add water to the clean bottles/cans. Place bottles/can in an order that you find pleasing. Add flower food and mix. With a variety of fresh flowers and foliage to match your favorite team, add flowers to the bottles/cans
  2. Embellish bottles/cans with miniature novelty footballs, megaphones, helmets, trophies, pictures of favorite players.

Enjoy the game!