Flowers & Jewelry: For My Valentine

by Kimberley Thompson, Tastemaker in Residence

Flowers are always my "go to" favorite theme for Valentine's Day. Reminders of love...harbingers of Spring...declarations of devolution...petaled "pick me ups". All earnest messages carried by the smallest or largest of bouquets.

As a jeweler, I advise my clients to gift flowers, albeit slightly more permanent arrangements. No limp stems or dropping leaves from these beauties:

1. Fuschias "tremble" from this brooch in sterling silver: the slightest movement of the wearer makes these dainty beauty's sway as if in a breeze!  Fuchsia convey a message of good taste and refinement. Circa 1955 to 1965. $125.00.

2. Subtle water colors are fixed in this Art Nouveau sterling and enamel brooch depicting a trio of water lilies. Water lilies represent purity of heart and  eloquence. American circa 1950. $700.00

3. A Beatnik daisy necklace calls to mind halcyon days of daisy chains and mini skirts. Symbolizing innocence in solid sterling silver circa 1968 to 1972. $695.00

So, have your endearment be longer lasting than fragile flowers for 5 days.

Contact Kimberley at; she specializes in Vintage jewelry, but her gift for finding the right piece of jewelry is AMAZING! - by Cindi Sutter