Kimberley Thompson


Believer in the "Greatness of God," avoider of domestic duties, collector of triviality, a cynical humorist, a rational sentient being who understands living on this earth without being consumed by this earth, unfailingly "Midwestern polite," tolerant to a degree ... with the ability to morph into howler monkey at warp!

Lover of dogs, Jeeps, cast iron, random acts of kindness, and family. Believer in survival of the fittest when it comes to gardening. Keeper of the family history. A child of the farm least in my heart!

Student of people watching, avid antiquer, traveller of the blue roads, dabbler of things high-brow while wearing cotton Target t-shirts, consumer of cozy mysteries, walking my Wattie, breathing in the wonderful "earthiness" of a fall orchard.

Touching the dust of history, being a friend, lover of old time-forgotten graveyards and the past lives that lay cradled in the earth, the stories of those lives.

A "Foodie" who adores all aspects that the word implies!

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