The Week Before Christmas Tips - Part 1

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table®

My office is a mess...I had food house is not decorated yet...I had too much fun traveling around Thanksgiving and on top of that, Thanksgiving came late, which makes Christmas feel early...ok....enough already, now I feel better. (sometimes that's really all it takes)

With no further delay, here are a few tips, old and new, to get you through the next 10 days. Nope, sorry to say, you don't have 12 days left, so let's get busy.

Tip #1 - Christmas Decor - Boughs, Cards, Tabletop

My blog post on Christmas Cheer explains, with photos, how to quickly display Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years' cards. Decorating tips, stockings, banisters, bows and bears are found in my post Christmas Boughs, Trees of Cards and Tabletops of Spirit.

Tip #2 - Buying a Christmas Tree

Tastemaker in Residence, Ardith Beveridge makes selecting the right tree for your space easy in; Selecting a Christmas Tree.

This is a unique example of creating a tree wherever you decide to plant it and with whatever ornaments, photographs, stars, hearts, beads you have.

Let the Spirit of the Season be your guide.



Tip #3 - Whimsical, fancy and homemade ornaments can adorn the same tree.

Our newest Tastemaker in Residence, Lydie Stassart, shares her ornament display extravaganza; stay tuned for Lydie's tips on tabletop coming this weekend. Excerpts from her book, The Art of Hosting & Decorating, will enable you to host with confidence and flair.

In the meantime, enjoy the dancing pigs!

Tip #4 - Take a day road trip with the family. Back in Time on Hwy 29 is one great example.

Community celebrations revolving around the holidays make superb day trips with your holiday guests. Red Potato Market-Gifts in Simonton, Texas is another favorite.

Tune in for Part 2 of The Week Before Christmas over the weekend.

Santa says Hi from Blairsville, GA. xoxo