Long Distance Valentines

by Zehorit Heilicher, Tastemaker in Residence

The snow clinging to the trees in our yard is no longer foreign to me – it has become a sometime friend, sometime foe, sometimes a stark cold beauty and often a slushy, mushy mess, but always – familiar. My oldest daughter chose to leave the snow and cold behind and attended the University of Washington in Seattle, where she chose to stay after her graduation. Her younger sister, who chose to follow her, is attending University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. My youngest (big sigh) is making noises about heading in that direction as well…


Every holiday drives home how far they are and I always try to reach out by sending some goodies. Valentine’s Day is always an opportunity to send some home baked goods and hand made tokens. 

Several things to consider before shipping baked items:

  1. Eliminate any item that requires refrigeration (duh!)
  2. Will the item travel well? No fragile cookies or messy frosting
  3. How will you pack the items so it does not damage during its journey and will still look pretty?
  4. Weight –cost of delivery?
  5. What does your Valentine like?
  6. Any allergies to consider?

I like to send a variety of items:

  1. Brownies: baked in a heart shaped pan and topped with a chocolate candy: use your favorite brownie recipe and bake it in a heart shaped brownie pan. Unwrap chocolate candy and press it in the center of the still warm brownie heart and let cool in the pan.   (See my favorite Nordic Ware pans below).


  1. Dressed up Cookies: Dress up your everyday sugar cookie by replacing ½ cup flour with ½ cup cocoa powder and cutting them into heart shapes. Use royal icing (Recipe here) that will dry completely, or a chocolate icing (Recipe here) and use some Valentine’s themed sprinkles.


  1. Crafts: Great ideas abound on the Internet. I have sent crochet heart chains (Pattern here), home made cards and one of my favorites – heart felt sachets. (Pattern here).

  1. Card: But of course! Purchased, hand made or scribbled – a personal, loving note is the final touch!

Hope you find this helpful and happy Valentine’s Day to you and all your loved ones – near and far!