Please Pass The Salt

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

Today I offer you a bit of spice provided by Superior Salt. I know, salts abound, but I think you might like this offering and the story behind it. Let us know what you think!

Superior Salt

Sea salt in Minnesota? You betcha. Superior Salt is gourmet flavored sea salt handcrafted right here in Minnesota from pure, unrefined sea salt and delicious, organic ingredients. They offer a variety of different flavors that were inspired by Minnesota’s North Shore, including Roasted Garlic, Rosemary, Lavender, Blueberry, Grilled Onion, and Sun-Dried Tomato. Truly superior in both quality and flavor, Superior Salts are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free.

Founder’s Story

Melanie Steele started Superior Salt after cutting out processed foods and consequently eliminated most salt from her diet. She quickly learned that we actually need salt, but we need the right kind. “What we don’t need,” Steele says, “is the processed, refined salt that most of us have on our table and that comes in most food we buy. We need unrefined salt,” she explains “because it still has trace minerals in tact and doesn’t have chemical additives.” 


Steele started incorporating unrefined sea salt into her cooking and was amazed by the difference in taste and quality. “Salt is a very important ingredient,” she says, “and I wanted to make the most of it.”  So she created recipes that infuse the salt with flavors that were inspired by the North Shore, where she lives. “Superior Salt flavors are based on ingredients that grow here and are popular here. I want to keep it local, simple, and delicious.” 

Steele found herself using her salts in all her recipes and as finishing salt on her foods. “They’re so fun to use,” she says. “I keep a pack of each in the kitchen and use them to bring out flavors and add depth to all my cooking.”

Sharing the Salt

This year, Steele moved outside of her own kitchen to start Superior Salt, which aims to provide gourmet flavored sea salt to people in Minnesota and beyond. Why? “Because people around the world’s largest freshwater lake near pure, delicious sea salt, too,” she says. 

She started selling at the local farmer’s market in Grand Marais, Minnesota. Due to an overwhelming response, she’s now offering her salts online and at several stores around the state. “It’s really wonderful to see people loving these salts,” Steele says. “I have people telling me all the time that they love cooking with it and will never go back to regular salt. That’s great to see!” 

Creating Home Gourmets

Each pack comes with some ideas for use, including eliminating salad dressing and using Superior Salt along with some extra virgin olive oil instead. Or how about cutting out BBQ sauce and sprinkling Grilled Onion Superior Salt on your steaks and burgers? Rosemary on chicken, Sun-Dried Tomato on garlic bread, or Roasted Garlic on potatoes.  There’s a flavor (or two or three) for everyone. Combine them, play with them, and go with it. Once you try Superior Salt, you won’t want to go back to regular table salt. 

Try It

Interested in trying Superior Salt? It’s available online at and in select stores around the state. 

Shops interested in carrying Superior Salt can contact Melanie at

Please pass the salt!