Football Florals

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


We overzealous football fans have been holding our breath all summer. Today's college game day options are surpassed only by the NFL offerings this weekend. If you have fans flooding your table this weekend, use some grass, fake or real, and top it with sunflowers. This centerpiece will have your cheering section lining up for food while predicting the fate of their favorite teams. 

Happy football weekend from our founder Cindi Sutter!

Sharp knife or oriental sheer

Flower food—read and follow directions
1/3 block floral foam
Small toy football 
6 fall leaves
2 strands of Raffia
1 Square artificial grass

3 Sunflowers
2 stems Green Trick Dianthus
3 stems Solidago


  1. Cut a small oval hole in the top side of the toy football
  2. Soak the 1/3 block of foam, secure it inside the football
  3. Gather the three sunflowers under their chin, tie securely with a couple strands of raffia
  4. Center the football on the table, grass mat, charger, decorative surface
  5. Cut to desired height, place in the center of the foam. Keep the sunflowers centered
  6. Place the green pick low in the football, the other on the base where you like
  7. Add the Solidago in desired places
  8. Fill in spaces with dried leaves from the yard or purchased item
  9. Add a stem of berries any color for texture
  10. Modify to make it your own
  11. Water daily with fresh clean water with flower food