Summertime Table in a Basket

by Whitney Frykman, Tastemaker in Residence


In Minnesota, nothing says summertime more than coupling al fresco dining with a view of the water. One of my favorite summer time traditions is the Minneapolis “Music and Movies in the Park”. The Minneapolis Parks and Recreation hosts a slew of events throughout various parks in the area where guests can bring a picnic, a lighthearted spirit and enjoy a meal with entertainment under the stars. 

Music and Movies in the park is my friends’ and my, go-to event anytime that we need a good date night idea with the significant other, plans for parents visiting the Twin Cities, or if we just need a change of scenery for a good catch up. My favorite venue is at the Lake Harriet Bandshell; there is nothing more relaxing than sharing a picnic dinner (mine are compliments of Surdyk’s deli), a glass of white wine, fantastic people watching by the lake, all with the entertainment of local bands and a hit movie. 

For a perfect summer time picnic – my favorite basket includes cool...

  1. Thinly sliced prosciutto. About a half-pound is more than sufficient for two people.
  2. Two types of good cheese. My favorites are drunken goat and a sharp pecorino reggiano.
  3. Two types of side salads. We love a kind of gingered beets and potato salad; however on the last outing chose chilled paella. 
  4. Box of water crackers and a large crusty loaf of bread – picnics do not fear carbs!
  5. One bottle of a crisp white wine (with a twist off cap for easy opening). Sauvignon Blanc is my current summertime favorite. 
  6. Dessert! There is nothing like wrapping up a delightful summer time picnic with sharing a slice of coconut cake or rhubarb crisp.