Arrangements for Your Picnics

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


Sharp clean knife or Oriental Sheer

Basket (size, shape and color of your choice) and liner that fits tightly inside
1/3 block of fresh floral foam soaked in fresh clean water with flower food
Smaller liner for 1/3 block of wet foam
Small piece of Raffia
Fresh Ingredients:
3 Sunflowers
4 Red Carnations
5 Small Drumstick Allium
4 Stems Israeli Ruscus
4 sprigs of Basil tied with raffia
Be creative with the size, shapes, colors of fruit and veggies and flowers.
1 Pineapple
2 Fresh Corn
3 Colorful Peppers
1 Artichoke
1 piece of cheese


  1. Place 1/3 block of wet floral foam in small liner---add fresh clean water with flower food
  2. Set liner on one side of the basket
  3. Set Pineapple in the basket at an angle
  4. Take some of the covering from the corn to expose kernels, set in the basket
  5. Wrap the Basil stems with Raffia, lay it across the inside of the basket.
  6. Position artichoke, peppers and cheese keep the cheese wrapped. (food items can be whole or cut in portions)
  7. Place three Sunflowers to one side to frame the basket; in floral foam 
  8. Add Carnations where you want color; in floral foam
  9. Insert the Allium in the center front; in floral foam
  10. Cut and insert Israeli Ruscus behind the Sunflowers and cover exposed foam with the remaining pieces.
  11. Add water to the fresh flowers daily.

Eat and enjoy!