Cinco de Mayo = Corona-rita + Cheesy, Beany Goodness

by Becca Matheson, Tastemaker in Residence

Photo provided by Greg D. 

Photo provided by Greg D. 

In Texas, Cinco de Mayo is widely celebrated. There are many parties and festivals held in honor of the day. Even the elementary school children will make paper flowers for their hair and learn traditional Mexican dances and culture. One thing’s certain though, Mexican food abounds on that day, and it’s glorious! 

Most Mexican food restaurants are jam packed on Cinco de Mayo, but they often boast great drink specials and live music to celebrate the occasion. It’s definitely worth the wait, or worth at least finding a group of friends and having a potluck with tasty Mexican dishes. Most importantly though, there are margaritas galore. All it takes is one sip of a frozen margarita with salt on the rim to turn my frown upside down and really get me in the spirit.

Summer just starts heating up when Cinco de Mayo rolls around and nothing hits the spot better than an icy marg. Want to make it even better? Get a Corona-rita and it’ll make you feel like you’re in the heart of Old Mexico. 

Enchiladas are also a must for me. I love them in general, but my favorite part is when I’ve eaten the enchiladas and all that remains is the sauce, rice, and beans. Mix them together and you’ve got the best thing in the world. I never fail to get this dish on Cinco de Mayo. There’s just so much cheesy, beany goodness. 

Last, it’s always important to end the Cinco de Mayo feasting with a sopapilla. These are fresh, warm tortillas covered in butter, honey, and cinnamon sugar. It’s the best way to celebrate and makes for a happy tummy.

So however you celebrate, make sure you really enjoy the tastes of this culture. It’s so bright and lovely and the food will warm you right to the soul.