Recipe For Wedding Showers

by Whitney Frykman, Tastemaker in Residence

As the snow slowly starts to melt we quickly enter everyone’s favorite time of the year. Wedding season. My significant other and myself are at the time in our lives where our summer calendars include 5+ celebrations. This year for me, this also means two of my best friends wedding showers. Being the one who always wants to go against the grain and still bring a thoughtful and creative gift, I instinctively veer from the standard registry item. 

Many of these celebrations take me to new places across the country and sometimes, across the world. For an easy and transportable gift, my go-to gift is to purchase a gift card at a local eatery, and frame it up as a brunch date in the couples city. I suggest that the couple use this to celebrate once they are back into their daily post-wedding routine. This provides one way to continue the celebration once the party is over. 

For the friends and relatives where I am happily a member of the bridal party, I put together a recipe-card book; so that when the bride is back in their kitchen, each recipe she makes is a reminder of a special friend. 

Russell & Hazel Recipe Book

Russell & Hazel Recipe Book

My sister was married two years ago, domestically challenged, and moving to a city away from a strong group of girlfriends. Prior to her wedding shower, I mailed all of the 25+ attendees 2 recipes cards. The instructions stated that each guest fill out the cards with their favorite recipes on the front, and a memory that they wanted my sister to recall while making the dish on the back. I also included a self-addressed envelope so that I could collect and assemble this recipe scrapbook prior to the shower. 

After opening the gift at the shower, my sister was elated by a meaningful and useful memento. We spent hours reading through the recipes and the coinciding stories. Each guest knew they had contributed to a unique experience and my sister will have her friends and their memories with her at the table; no matter how far away that table may be.

My favorite place to pick up the actual recipe cards and book is my go-to stationary shop based in Stillwater, MN Russell and Hazel.