How to Create an Inviting Guest Room

by Desi Creswell, Tastemaker in Residence

The holidays are quickly approaching which means your guestroom is about to get some heavy usage. Why not give your guests a five-start experience?  Below are my top five tips for creating an inviting and comfortable guestroom (warning – they’ll want to come back!).

1. Get Creative

Guestrooms are an excellent opportunity to play with unique or bold design elements. Delight your guests and create a memorable experience with playful patterns, an unexpected color combination, or a curated collection you’ve developed over the years. 

2. Stock the Basics

No one wants to feel like a burden. Set out plenty of fresh towels, a basket of travel-sized toiletries, and keep a stash of toilet paper in the guest bath so your guests never have to ask. Other useful items to make available are the WI-FI password and a spare key. 

3. Clear the Closet

If you use the guestroom closet or dresser to store your overflow clothing, now is the time to de-clutter. Leave at least two free drawers, ample hanging space, and an extra set of hangers to store belongings. 

4. Room-Darkening Drapery & Luxe Linens

Yours guest are on vacation – help them sleep in with room-darkening drapery and a “don’t-want-to-leave-this bed” comfortable set of linens.  Guests will appreciate these touches (and it might give you a little extra time to yourself in the morning!).

5. Reading Material 

Encourage relaxation by providing bedside reading materials. Out-of-towners may enjoy a local interest magazine or a book on the history of your area. For an extra special guest, pick up a book on one of their favorite topics or hobbies. Write a note on the inside cover to thank them for their visit and to encourage them to take the book with them when they depart.  

With a little effort your guests will feel welcome and well-cared for. What’s your favorite way to make guests feel at ease in your home?  What is something a host has done to welcome you into their home?