An American Floral Tradition

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


An American Floral Tradition


1 deep vase 
1 roll Mega Wire
1/3 block floral foam
6 3" wood picks with wire
2 stems permanent Botanical Autumn picks 
1 full stem dried colored leaves
9 glue dashes

Fresh Ingredients

1 Aspidistria leaf
6 Echinacea pods
1 stem Golden Grevilliea
10 stems Wheat
3 Leucdendron


  1. Wash and dry the vase
  2. Wrap the Mega wire around the vase, attatching it where necessary with a glue dash
  3. Cut and wet floral foam with fresh clean water with flower food
  4. Cut the stem off of the Sapidiastria leaf, wrap it around the foam
  5. At one end insert one permanent botanical Autumn pick, top going into the vase, stem in the foam, insert the other in the other end
  6. Cut two criss cross cuts close together in the three goards, insert the pointed end into the pick, cut the wire from the pick
  7. Insert one goard on the top of the wrapped foam
  8. Place several leaves in and around the inside of the vase, then lay the foam inside to fit nicely
  9. Add a goard to the top another further toward the front.
  10. Insert the flowers where you choose coming out of the cornucopia
  11. Cut apart the Golden Grevilliea branch to insert at spaces to add color and texture.
  12. Separate the wheat into 6 to a group, wrap with a rubber band, cut and insert to one side, repeat with other.
  13. When watering, pour all water inside the vase while it is laying to prevent over watering.

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