CSA Thankfulness On Both Sides

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®


From Laura's email to all CSA customers, of which I am one.

As I sit down to write our last newsletter of the CSA season, it always becomes a meditation on gratitude.  Although I (Laura) am the main person you hear from in our weekly newsletters, it takes a village to support a small-scale farm these days.  We are basically flying in the face of conventional agriculture, and doing nearly everything on the opposite spectrum of most farmers: organic, chemical-free, small-scale, diversified vegetables, hand labor, family farm, no subsidies, no crop insurance, and direct marketing to customers who pay us in advance for product. Adam, Eli, and I can certainly not do all this good work alone, and we are blessed to have a wonderful team of people around us, including all of you-- our great CSA customers this year!  Thank You for supporting our farm and eating our vegetables this year!  Because you choose to forego buying veggies at your regular grocery store, we and farmers like us have a CSA market for our product.  Because you spend your dollars with us, we are able to farm, live out our values, and give you organic, nutritious food.  "It’s a beautiful, mutually beneficial relationship! Vote with your fork" - as Michael Pollan would say.