by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

Noshing on Myths & Tricks is our way of kicking off your Spirited Labor Day tables. 

Back to School meals don't have to bust the budget. The Mill City Market provides a template for shopping, preparing and the fun of munching your way around the market. 

Our Spirited Table® is no different than your table, we talk about life seen through the eyes of our pop culture traditions and the celebrities that make us actually feel...every emotion, sometimes whether we want to or not. Our Boots to Roots words this week are Choose Joy! The only way I know how to describe my observations of Robin Williams are; a fragile comic genius whose life will always be linked to his smile, humor and laughter. Our condolences to his family should not only convey our sadness for them, but a thank-you for the Joy he brought into the world.  

Families evolve and blossom based on the core values shared around tables and food. This Tastemaker's home country is Israel, and she beckons us to take a seat around a magical family table

School, on the horizon, means celebrating the sunny traditions of summer with a dash of melancholy. 

Our second adventure into Liguria, the place that stole my heart a long time ago, continues as seen through the eyes of Fred Plotkin's book Recipes From Paradise. He says it best-"The sun and sea air of Liguria, combined with the skillful agricultural abilities of the local populace, have made this region heaven on earth for vegetarians." So this week, enjoy Fresh Porcini Mushrooms with Pesto and Pine Nuts, a Zucchini Tart and Spinach with Raisins and let us know if you can smell the sea breeze of Liguria. 

Summer = Vacations. Does your time off empower you, relax you, entertain you or does it make you feel more tired than when you started? Recreate the template for your vacation; Beestill

Ok, every female I know will cry, smile and maybe turn a bit green, over this proposal and engagement Turkey...on a boat...surprised by the man of their on...

Till our next hullabaloo, happy tables to you!

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