La dolce vita

by Zehorit Heilicher, Tastemaker in Residence - For two of the recipes from the Top Pot Cookbook see - Raised Glazed Ring Doughnuts & Simplest Vanilla Doughnut Glaze.

Doughnuts - No more the greasy doughy flavorless ring, commercially mass-produced. Oh, the sweet life – Like the rest of our culinary scene, the doughnut has evolved thanks to devoted artisans with a sweet tooth. Exotic doughnuts can be made with saffron and cardamom, be topped to resemble s’mores, rolled in lavender-lemon sugar, made into a cherry pie and more. Human creativity (and sweet tooth) has no limits!

One of the benefits of having our kids in different cities is the opportunity to explore a new locale: the culture and art, the geography and nature, and of course – the food! So when Seattle became home for our daughter we embraced its vibrant foodie scene.

Normally, I am a chocolate girl, but I have a wicked soft spot for raised doughnuts. And… Seattle? It is brimming with artisanal doughnuts: traditional, vegan, funky, indulgent – what ever your heart desires…

At the center of Capitol Hill resides the Top Pot – Hand Forged Doughnuts shop, featuring handmade large and fluffy variety of doughnuts. So many choices! Serious dilemmas here…
So, what’s a person to do? I purchased their cookbook and embarked on a doughnut obsession session.

I LOVE classic sugar raised doughnuts and Top Pot Master Recipe is delicious and easy. I paired it with their Simplest Vanilla Glaze, served it with piping hot coffee and the whole batch was gone! They are dangerously yummy, so this National Doughnut Day make sure to make them when you have a crowd coming, or have people to share them with… You will make lifelong friends!