Meet Painter, Heidi Mckeown

by Cindi SutterFounder of Spirited Table® 

It's always a treat when an unexpected treasure pops into our Spirited Subscribe box. This week the treasure came wrapped in one of my favorite packages - ART! Heidi Mckeown lives in Stillwater, MN and her art influences come from flags, birch, woven, horizons, meanderings and abstracts. Read Heidi's story about the day she decided to paint the Saint John's Abbey Church, renown for it's Saint John's Bible; this historic church has been the focus of many offerings, not the least of which is Heidi's mantra...The Best Part is Giving it Away!

Meet Heidi Mckeown, in her own words. 

Heidi Mckeown is a prolific abstract painter who is looking to share her love of abstract art with others. She has a degree in Fine Art and also has a lifelong love of interior design, specifically mid-century design.  She is known for her large, energetic and colorful acrylic paintings. In lieu of brushes, her favorite tools are large paint scrapers which are found at hardware stores.

Heidi's works range across a beautiful expanse of the color wheel, but today I'm all about celebrating the brightly colored flags that wave across her website. Let your imagination run and let us know what path each flag sends you down.