Saying Yes to God

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of The Spirited Table®

Saying Yes to God was written in partnership between one of our Tastemakers in Residence, Derek Holser, and Barbara LaChance. Though Derek and Barbara were separated by geography and are a generation apart, their kindred spirit for people with disabilities made an immediate and instant connection. It enabled them to create a book that tells a story of nearly four decades of sacrifice, and a family that was willing to say “yes” to God, and by extension, say “yes” to helping those in need.

Derek says, “The story of the LaChance family is timeless because it reminds us that all we have is time and time is best spent in the aid of others. They have given their lives to help people who can not help themselves. In so doing, they inspire us, encourage us, and embody the compassion of faithful Christians around the world. This story will encourage you to have an open heart and open table for anyone in need."

Saying Yes to God is available by clicking this link on .

As we enter the Easter season, its an inspiring and compelling read for anyone who cares about making a difference in this world.