Top 10 Valentine Tips

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

Our friends at Eleni's provide the perfect sweet treat!

Our friends at Eleni's provide the perfect sweet treat!

Love, sugar, flowers, boxes of chocolates just tip the Valentine iceberg.

Today our archives provide Valentine Experiences that include a Valentine's Baby Shower, a Valentine Escapade for your honey, ways to send a Long Distance Valentine and creating a meal that will keep your sweetie's heart and health happy.

Valentine recipes for BBQ success, table top tips and decor, a bedtime story and more...let us know your favorites, take photos and send them our way!

  1. Show Your Sweetie You Heart Them Beyond Valentine's Day by Christina Meyer-Jax
  2. Valentine Experiences by Heather Durenberger
  3. Bridget Levin's Valentine's Day Escapade just might solve your "what do I get them" question.
  4. Ardith Beveridge shared 12 ways to let flowers send the love! There is still time to Surprise Your Sweetheart at Work.
  5. Zehorit Heilicher's tips for Long Distance Valentines include food, DIY and more.
  6. Valentine's Day Shellfish by Ross Bowen provides 3 ways to cook shellfish in one night.
  7. Valentine Tabletop Tips by Cindi Sutter - keep the funky factor high.
  8. Can I Tell You a Story? by Mark Tronson
  9. Valentine's Day Table Decor by Desi Creswell
  10. Baby Shower Sprinkled with Love by Cindi Sutter provides the perfect Valentine Shower template.